Kane Street Songster

This collection of over one hundred Shabbat melodies captures the essence of an eclectic and evolving musical tradition at Kane Street Synagogue in Brooklyn, and provides a resource to inspire singing for many years to come.

Culled from interviews with dozens of Kane Street members and singing visitors, these melodies come from different corners of the shul, and from different corners of the globe. Herein find melodies that came from Krakow, Buenos Aires, London, Berlin, Vilna, Jerusalem, Brooklyn, and Milwaukee, amongst dozens of other varied paths that Kane Streeters and their ancestors have traveled. Some of these melodies are over 200 years old, and some were written this year.

Pick this book up before leading services to find a melody for L’cha Dodi, or at your table to remind yourself how to begin the first three notes of a zemer (table song) or nign (wordless melody). Learn about the liturgical texts in the commentaries by Rabbi Josh Gutoff, Rabbi Sam Weintraub, and Rabbi Simkha Weintraub. Smile, dance, and pour out your hearts in Jewish song!

Contact Kane Street Synagogue for purchasing information.

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