“Joey–thank you for such a fabulous workshop on Wednesday night at Shir Tikvah! You are a joyous, gifted teacher. My heart is still soaring. I hope our paths continue to cross. You’re a gift. Todah.”

“You are a joy-bringer! . Your sweetness is infectious. The music, the food, the warmth yum. And singing at services was a highlight. At one point, I almost started crying listening to Joey’s voice it had, it felt like, channeled all the joys and sadnesses of the peoples that created the melodies.”

“I want to thank YOU!!! Everyone has been talking about how talented and wonderful you are; they’ve even used the word “revelatory” to describe the weekend with you. We had a ritual committee meeting this past Wednesday and made some decisions to implement things we learned from you. So, thank you for sharing your tremendous gifts with the world.”

” You did such an amazing job today revealing to us our potential in coming together as a community musically and spiritually. Thanks so much….”

“You were amazing last week at Chizuk Amuno. I thought you might be kidding when you said you might not do another song for the whole event… but you almost weren’t! and it was great…. Your good works are infectious!!”

“Again, thank you so much for bringing your spirit to our shul. I was fascinated the whole time by the expression of joy on your face (and my 10 year old daughter was fascinated because she thought you were Jason Mraz….) and was inspired… ”


“So as to your impact on the group–last nite, we davvenned maariv outside on the deck where you had played. But before that, we stood in a circle and starting humming the first bars of the beautiful niggun which you taught us on havdallah. More than that, I’m sure that when they teach their next song, they’ll now have a few new tools, too.”

“Thanks again=it was perfect. The students are still talking about it (and still singing Eliyahu ha-Navi!) So yes, it was exactly what we wanted. Thanks again and I hope we can work together in the future!”

“…so I took my baby cousin in my arms, and held her, and rocked her, and sang one of your nigunim… and she was out within minutes, burrowing her little self against me.”

“…It was such a delight to meet you and study with you. Students have been singing your niggunim throughout the week. Many thanks for taking the time to be with us and for giving us so much. May you continue to do this wonderful work.”

“Your presentation last Shabbat was truly masterful – I greatly enjoyed it!”

“Joey is amazing! In addition to all of his musical ability, he is also a fabulous teacher who can really connect with student and who can articulate the method and meaning behind his singing.”

“It was wonderful to work with Joey, he taught wonderful music that was hauntingly beautiful and accessible. Additionally, the music had a deep sense of authentic Judaism and spiritual power. There really is no one else like Joey own there. We need many more teachers and hazanim with his interpersonal, pedagogical and musical abilities.”

“You’re a wicked awesome dude. Thanks for sharing your tunes and being inspiring.”

“Oh boy oh boy. What a treat it has been I have some fantastic memories of class & the retreat & you menacing us with drumsticks you have a very bright light, thanks for shining!”

“Thank you so much for all these amazing niggunim and the happiness they brought to our souls. So far I’ve not been able to sing, and you allowed me to open up.”

“You inspire me not only to sing, but to participate in the Jewish community unself-consciously and whole-heartedly. Thank you!”

“Thanks for filling us with your melodies! I’ll remember your calm, methodical and highly effective teaching methods, and also at least half of the songs. It was fun!”

“Thank you for the beautiful music!”

“Thank you for you for your neshamadic nigunim and teaching style!”

“Thank you for all of your help in pursuing and loving music, as a connection to Jewish texts and the Jewish people. Also, for making us aware of the meaning of leading and the origins of the nigunim.”

“… as uplifting and spiritual as I’ve ever had. It was a treat to be carried along on the wings of your leadership…”

“I am so pleased that you came to the Institute this year – the class was indeed one of the best I’ve taken in 20 years. I am glad to have your book as a reminder of some of the core concepts. They’ve been helpful already, particularly as I and others in our shul leadership are thinking how to redesign our prayer space!”

“…how amazing your music is, esp your niggunim which even though you composed them, somehow sound as tho they’ve been passed down. and how deep, inspiring, and capturing of emotion they are…”

“Thank you for sharing all of your work, your experience, your words, your music, your heart…”

Thank YOU!  It was a great evening and people loved the whole thing.  What a gift you share.   The feedback was overwhelmingly positive about the service, which we’ve done in the round before, but still, it was as if it was new.

“You achieved a level of kavana and engagement I have never witnessed (except possibly at a camp sing-along in the 70s) and while I know you have a model of this kind of passionate judaism from the chasidim, the fact that men and women, young and old are singing closely together with such pure, rapt intention and attention, blending and supporting each other…it is some kind of vision of heaven. Thank you…”

the niggunim you led were simply amazing.  They truly pulled on my heart-strings by communing with others; it was inspiring just to get a small taste of some of the innovation your work brings to life.

our 6 week old daughter, Razele, goes from hysterically crying to completely calm within 30 seconds of hearing the first track of the CD